Waiting For The Morning To Come 01

Being As An Ocean      

Waiting For The Morning To Come 01

This Bundle Includes:
Waiting For The Morning To Come (Deluxe) Light Blue 2xLP
Limited to 1,000 worldwide
Includes a 12 page insert w/ hand written lyrics

Album Artwork Black T-Shirt

1. pink & red
2. Black & Blue
3. floating through darkness, they seemed to
4. Glow
5. and fade away when morning came
6. OK
7. as though each of my problems would slip away
8. Dissolve
9. Thorns
10. eB tahT srewoP ehT
11. Suddenly, I Was Alone
12. Blacktop
13. I saw before me, a bright red light, and silently I stood,
14. Waiting for Morning to Come
15. Alone
16. Know My Name
17. Bulletproof

Album Release Date Is September 7th 2018

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Waiting For The Morning To Come Black : T-Shirt